Clothing production works on a linear model where products are made, used, then thrown into landfill. What’s more, most of the worlds clothes are made in bulk and in advance, before orders have been placed which leads to 40% being created and thrown away without ever being used! This reduces resources and trashes nature.

That’s why our clothing is made in a different way; with low waste, using organic materials and renewable energy and designed to be remade as part of a circular economy. 

organic raw materials

All our clothes are made from organic cotton, and they are GOTS certified. One of the largest issues in cotton production is the amount of water it requires to grow - that’s why the organic cotton we use is grown in the north of India, where monsoons fill reservoirs that supply the water needed, without irrigation.

The organic cotton is grown without the harmful chemicals that are in most pesticides and fertilisers. Instead, the farmers use natural fertilisers like cow poo, and techniques such as co-planting crops to distract bugs from damaging the plants. Nothing is wasted either, even after the usable fibres have been seperated from the plant, the left over seeds are pressed and used to feed the cows that make the natural fertiliser!

So not only is organic cotton soft and kind to the skin, it’s also kind to the environment.

responsible printing

Textile dyeing is the world’s second-largest polluter of water, since waste from the dyeing process is often dumped into streams or rivers.

The factory we use to make our clothes uses a completely closed-loop water recycling system. This means that the water used to dye our clothes is recovered, filtered and distilled. This seperates it from the dye particles which once removed, can be re-used for road markings. The water that is left is recirculated and is even clean enough to drink!

Our products are also only made when someone places an order with us, which saves a huge amount of waste. 

made using renewable energy

Our clothes are made in factories powered by the wind and the sun. Renewable sources of energy minimise pollution, unlike fossil fuels like coal which release greenhouse gases when used, contributing to global warming. 

plant based packaging

All our clothes are packed and delivered in packaging made with natural materials. The paper mailers are completely plastic free and biodegrade in weeks.

The design also means the mailers can be reused for colouring or wrapping gifts!

recycle and reuse

To help reduce emissions and waste further, each one of our products has been specially designed so they can be sent back when they’re worn out and remade into new clothing, instead of ending up in landfill like 99% of clothes.

Each of our products has a label which you can scan to see instructions for how you can send your item back to be remade.

This circular model means that valuable materials are saved from landfill and continue to be used over and over again.